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soil for seedlings

I am about to start getting my seedlings on the go- the sweet peas that I got in my last issue plus some foxgloves- and probably a few more. I read in the last issue of GW that you can use a good quality all purpose soil sifted- as well as soil just for seedlings- any comments about that? It is a bit confusing- in some articles in mentions seedling soil - in another all purpose compost - so both is okay?


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    All my sweet peas are up, just in multi purpose, sometimes I mix a bit of seed compost in, sometimes not depending on what I have.

    i find seeds germinate in anything.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Hi, begonia

    This question arises from time to time on the sweet pea thread.

    Basically, all seeds need a compost with a  low nutrient content (as all seed compost have)......this is because richer composts would result in quick, lush growth that would be susceptible to pests and disease.   The idea is to germinate your seed in low nutrient seed compost, before potting-on using slightly richer compost, commensurate with the plants development, until they are ready for their final quarters.

    I think what you understand as 'good quality all purpose soil' is in fact just sifted multipurpose compost.......soil and compost are quite different.

    I would just add that sweet peas and other largish seed do not need a covering of sifted compost.....just smaller seed such as lettuce.

    Hope that clarifies matters slightly.     

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