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What are these?

Unearthed a couple of weeks ago from under leaves in the coldest, shadiest corner of the house. Look like aliens dropped them?




  • Looks like a succulent of some kind.  How about Crassula coccinea?

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  • It looks like the herbaceous plant Physostegia coming back into growth after the winter.

  • turmericturmeric Posts: 828

    Can you remember what the tall stems were last year?  The new shoots look as if they could be coming from the base of the stems.  Have to say they do look like Crassula coccinea but not sure that would have thrived in a cold, shady spot.

  • It certainly looks like Crassula. They are quite tolerant of cold, especially with the help of the adjacent wall, and the drainage will be good there. but they prefer good light, so I would consider digging it up and growing it indoors or in a greenhouse.

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