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Plants for around a pond

Later in the year I will be putting a tiny pond into the garden. It is very small but there is a bit soil round it. The earth around it is very dry in the summer and I am after some plants to plant round the pond.

Where it is, it is exposed to passers by so I want it covered so I am after grasses,Ive got the seeds for bunny tail grass but not sure if its suitable, I now I will put a few hostas in there but not sure what else. I want as much as possible to attract benificial insects frogs and newts to the garden, and some colour so its pleasing to the eye. 

I wont be putting anything in the pond except something to move the water.

What plants do you guys have round your pond?

Thanks guys



  • I have planted grasses, bracken (fern), Creeping Jenny, flag iris and a few other smaller plants around the sides of our very small pond. We are fortunate to have frogs, water boatmen, snails & newts in our pond, dragon and damsel flies too. I tied strings across in all directions over the pond (about 3 inches above the water) to help keep the herons and ducks off as they find the pond wildlife very tasty.

  • Thats a canny few there, I will look them up. Thanks guys image

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    4390evans wrote (see)

     I now I will put a few hostas in there but not sure what else. 







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    you've got the important stuff image

  • I really like GD2's idea of string across the pond. We have just built a pond this winter and really appreciate the ideas on here. Thanks!

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    I think you may need to fence it off or something, you say it's exposed to passers by.

    lots of choices of plants given, note that bunny grass is barely 6" tall though. 


    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • if the soil is dry in summer then you can dig it out and line the hole with old bin liners, and add plenty of organic matter, this will hold moisture (without flooding it in winter) then you can plant moisture loving stuff like hosta's, astilbe's and ferns.

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    Phormiums - if you can find this one it'll please you enormously. Cream Delight

     treehugger's right though - if you can improve the soil a bit so that it retains moisture, you'll be able to grow more plants. 

    I'd also agree with Lyn - you'll need a barrier of some kind to stop rubbish being thrown in it. It will happen unfortunately image

    If you have room for something prickly like Berberis that will help deter them!  image

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    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
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    I was more thinking  of someone or someones child falling in it,

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

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