Talkback: Geoffrey Smith

me to, ive watched many a program and got alot of knowledge from him may his memory go on forever and stay in our hearts


  • I can remember watching Geoffrey with my Grandparents on Gardeners World. I am sure he inspired many a new gardener. He was always so enthusiastic.
  • He is star of the garden world that loved his plants and you could tell from his shows.

    He one of the older gardeners that did not show off to the camera, but showed his love of plants. We need more like him that show the world the love and need for plants.

    I was sad to here this news a wish any of his family good wishes in this sad time for the people here on this world.

    He will be great gardener for gods world with Geoff Hamilton. what great garden they would make together with the others.

    All the love & light.
  • Very sad to hear of Geoffrey Smith's death. I remember watching him on TV in the late 70's and early 80's with my dad who was also a keen veg. gardener . I recently bought a couple of his books Mr Smith's Vegetable garden (and Fruit Garden) - they are packed with useful information still relevant now, instead of full of glossy colour photos. I vaguely remember a series he made in the mid seventies from an allotment in Wythenshawe, Manchester. Wouldn't it be great if the BBC would either repeat his programmes or release them on DVD!
  • geoffrey smith inspired me to garden, he was always exciting, cheerful and as a youngster he was different, Gardening was for everyone not just my dad, from novice to expert it was for all. To enjoy gardening was for him and his audiance all that mattered, yes you were encourage to try new things and yes you will make mistakes, but have a go.
    I have been gardening in my small garden for nearly 40 years, never an expert but always happy with the veg and flowers, and many of the many things he did and the way he did them have stayed with me all this time, as does Mr Smith veg Garden
    sadley going to be missed but not forgotten.
    Colin Howard Runcorn
  • I too remember Geoffrey's programmes well. They were very enjoyable but the one I remember most is one in which he harvested a brussels sprout, cut it in two with his knife and proceeded to eat it raw!! This is something I've never yet managed to copy but I followed a lot of Geoffrey's tips.
  • i remember his voice most of all.
  • I had a lump in my throat when I heard that Geoffrey Smith had died. Like many others, he inspired me to take up gardening with his Mr Smith series on the BBC. At that time I was working in a factory and I would look forward to coming home each evening to work in my garden. When I was preparing the soil for planting I could here Geoffrey's voice " if you buy a ten bob plant you dig a pound hole". It was good advice from a great gardener. I would love to have met him just to say thank you.
  • What an inspiration Geoffrey Smith was to me and my family. I loved watching him on television, and still refer to many of his books. My condolences to his wife and family.
  • Geoffrey passed on his wealth of knowledge like a friend at the allotment rather than a teacher. His enthusiasm was so inspiring. Thank you
  • What sad news about Geoffrey he was an inspiration to so many of us who watched him on gardeners world, he realy did inspire you to get out and garden.Many thanks for the joy he gave. Our thoughts are with his family.
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