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Rake recommendations

I need a new soil rake. not less thann30cm wide.I need a long handled one because I'm quite tall.I have a grip problem so 25mm diameter handle is better than 20mm.

Stainless steel would be better but not to the expense of robustness. Perhaps a well-galved one.

Are round tined rakes better than flat?

What's considered the best brand. Any recommendations?




  • Bee witchedBee witched Scottish BordersPosts: 1,047

    Hi Frank,

    I use the Wolf Garten range of tools .... you buy the handle and then different heads click in.

    I've got the leaf and the soil rake heads .... both are very good. 

    My husband is 6ft 5ins so we choose this range because of the long handle.

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  • Thanks all yeah it's just for general gardening. There aren't any more shops I can get to that stock rakes I can check out in the shop hence looking for recommendations. I went to a couple they had the same ones which looked quite tinny. I can't recall the make but the handles were stained, I suspect in an attempt to look more traditional and old school, like it's a tool with heritage. 

    The ironmongery wholesaler I use has decent looking rakes but they are far too wide.

    I've a Wolf handle and a few heads but it isn't much cope for anything. I just use the heads as small hand tools.

    I stated a preference for stainless or galv so I don't end up having to paint it every winter as I do with other some other carbon steel tools. I frequently forget what I'm doing and leave tools outside. There's often a problem with welds in stainless tool though.

    Is the Spear and Jackson neverbend good? Does it have a fat handle? None of the sites stated the handle diameter.

  • Tetley, haha, I've done the full slapstick rake routine  before.


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