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Amazing results especially for bees

I used a turf cutter on a smallish patch about 1m by 2m and one mower width away from my pond and sowed it with a low wildlife meadow mix I bought from Meadow Mania. It was quite windy in March when I sowed since the garden was too wet to use the turf cutter before  March and  I am on solid clay soil. It looked like it was an utter disaster in May but by the end of June, early July it began to flower and looked amazing. It has never been watered or fed and I have just come back from 2 weeks away and found it is still full of flowers though these are different from the ones flowering in July. There are always at least 8-10 or even more bees in this small bed and about 4-5 butterflies which is more than on by buddlia. My garden is very wildlife friendly and won best large wildlife garden in Dorset last year. It is quite large and I have all sorts of things from slugs and snails, rabbits and deer and badgers, to other less destructive wildlife. None of the destructive ones have touched this bed and growing the short meadow mix means that the wind has not knocked it over and even my dog running through it has not damaged it. I am going to dig up more of my lawn in the autumn and add some more meadow mix, adding crocus etc for even earlier blooms for the bees etc. I will be leaving a walking/mower area around it. I would encourage all of you to sow some of this even in a pot on a balcony since the result is so amazing and the wildlife love it.


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