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Hello Forum, I need some help please, I've been trying for the last couple of weeks trying to get my fuschia cutting to root. I am on my second batch of cuttings in compost and they look dead. So I have got some more cuttings today from my mum's fuschia, (i can't get anymore from mine) and i'm going to try and get them to root in water. I've put them in my saved coffee jars, in the greenhouse behind the tomato's hopefully get some shade there. Ive also left a couple more leaves on this time. One Jar I have put a crum of hormone powder in and the other just rain water. Thought I would try that.

Does anybody have any known system that works? I've googled and got myself confused in a mass of info, dont even know if they are in the uk. 






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    Hi ZombieGardener, I'm always taking fuchsia cuttings and don't have any problems.  I take 6-8cm cuttings, trim off just below node (set of leaves), pinch out growing tip, leave one or two sets of leaves.  I don't use rooting powder ever, plant into seed and cutting compost or multi purpose compost, cover with a plastic bag seal place somewhere light but out of direct sun and wait till you see new growth showing and then remove the bag and grow them on.  Good luck image

    ps - I'd say a greenhouse was too warm at the minute, even in the shade.  Do you have a shady windowsill?

  • Just been and took a couple of photo's. my second batch of failures, I think they have had it.


     The jar's ive tried today.



  • Thanks Paula I will try that, I have not been putting a bag over maybe that's where i've been going wrong, I do use the hormone powder now and than but I wont this time. I don't like to use alot of the powder normally, if I can see it on the cutting thats to much for me and tap it off. image 

    I might just go back out and try one of those cutting's in the seed compost and cover it. They are on my mind and it's driving me nuts. image

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    Another way that can be successful is to use florists' Oasis - the green "foam" that is soaked in water.  Keep it moist and put the cuttings in a narrow hole that you've made in the foam and they will root in no time.  When you're ready, cut the foam into blocks around the new roots and pot each plant up in a pot of compost.  The foam will help to hold the moisture and the compost will give the burst of nutrients that are necessary.  I've never had a failure with this method at this time of year!  Oh, and I do cover the cuttings - usually with a clear plastic dome, although a plastic bag, held above the cuttings so that they aren't compromised with moisture collecting on the bag, will do as well.

  • Just done that Paula, using the dog's poo bags and a snapped kebab squers . Just the right size. image 


     I've also brought in inside and place on windowsill

  • Shrinking Violet your post just popped up. I had some of that oasis in my hand's today and put it in the bin. It was at the bottom of a "sweetie hamper" I was given. Used with the kebab squers to hold up the sweet's. I've saved the squers and just used one of them. image I might have to get that oasis out of the bin tomorrow. Might come in handy again for cuttings. Thanks for your help.

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    They should be fine ZombieGardener, let us know how you get on.

  • Hi, I have always struggled with fuschia cuttings in compost,I always root mine in water,[i use the glass spice jars ] keep topped up with water and they will root easily in 2-3 weeks,and you can see the roots forming through the glass.



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    Everyone has a favourite method - so it's worth trying a few of the suggestions.  Re the oasis - make sure that, when you cut it into blocks, you don't cut the roots themselves - so leave space between the cuttings.  (Or cut into blocks about 2" cubed before popping the cuttings in!).

    Hope you are successful with one or another of the suggestions. 


  • Think you have all the advice you need, I cant offer any more.
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