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Honeysuckle mildew

My honeysuckle has leaf mildew.  Does anybody have any advice? i believe it is mainly caused by underwatering and we have had a hot summer.  I'm not sure if i dig out the plant (start agian), pull off the bad leaves or leave the plant and hope it gets better.  I will start watering it everyday though.

Any comments welcome.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,989

    I don't think digging it out would help. Water and feed, the mildewed leaves won't change but new growth should be better. Honeysuckle mildews quite easily, it's not serious, just spoils the look of it for a while. Water well before it starts next year.

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  • If its powdery mildew then that is prevalent in hot dry conditions, its a fairly weak pathogen that effectively desiccates the plant. You can retard it and control, just by increasing humidity (although honeysuckle is very commonly infected).

    A chemical control is anything mycrobutinol based (think rose clear) however as always fungus problems are much easier to prevent than to cure!

  • I had powdery mildew on my new monarda and sprayed it with a milk mix (1 part milk 8 parts water I used 2%!!!) that was 1 month ago no more mildew!!! You can also use bicarbonate of soda I believe it's 1 tablespoon + I teaspoon of washing up liquid in 1 gallon of water( mug mum swears by it for established plants) spray every 2 weeks

  • Ah yes, works by confusing the fungus by effectively altering the 'feel' of the leaf, the fungus cant find the landmarks associated with the plant and therefore dosent find stomata to infect.

    Works well but needs to be reaplied after heavy rain and can start to smell a bit though.

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