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Monty's white garden

Can anyone please tell me what the large white flowers are in Monty's white garden - the ones that look like cow parsley. Many thanks!


  • Hi

    They are an annual Ammi Majus- grown from seed early in the year.

    They came free with Gardens illustrated magazine last year.

    Lovely magazine- currently there is a trial offer on of 5 mags for £5- can cancel as the trail comes to an end, but well worth the viewing for £5.

    I haven't yet planted mine out so have spoilt the display- must do it today- mine were started too late and not planted out early enough so will be small not like Monty's stunning ones!

    Looked brill in his garden!

  • AlieshAliesh Posts: 179

    You can sow the seed in september for flowers next year. image

  • TeenrbeeTeenrbee Posts: 57

    Thanks Aliesh.  I bought some seeds at beginning of season, didn't do anything with them and was wondering when to.  I'm making a note now to sow them next month.  Can they be sown in trays/pots and planted out next spring?  Other than poppies I have never had any success direct sowing.

  • AlieshAliesh Posts: 179

    Yes i think it will be ok to overwinter in pots.When planted out next spring you should get nice strong plants.

  • Many thanks for the replies. I shall have to get some seeds and try a few direct sowings and some into pots (see which are best!).

  • CourantCourant Posts: 2

    I think the common name is Bishop's Flower. It is often confused with Queen Anne's Lace

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