Plant Swap- Ricinus Communis- Caster Oil Plant for a Hedychium Ginger

Hi Anyone in thelYork area who would like to plant swap a Caster Oil Plant/ Ricinus Communis with a  Hedychium Ginger- orange colour- or a Canna Lily.?

I have some extras which I grew from seed after seeing it on Gardeners World with Carol Klein and Monty Don and in her book Life in a County Cottage.

So have created a hot border and "hot trough" so want to compelte the look.

A good tip if you can't find it at the GC or on line or is too expensive- I usually buy the hard to come by or unusual species on e-bay e.g. had some great ornamental grasses- were plugs now full-size for a few pound, eryngium Jos Eikling and Sambuca Black Lace but haven't found a orange hedychium as yet-

Have now put my extras Caster Oil Plants on e-bay and will be watching for a hedychium.  Will let you know how I get on.

Anyone else tried selling their extra cuttings, divisioss or too many young plants on E-Bay?

It is a good way of selling yours to buy someone else extras............


  • dizzylizzy please don't think that no one can be bothered to answer you but the forum has been playing up this weekend. I can't help you at all- all I do is buy plants on e bay image.

    Posting this should bump your question up so it is seen by someone who can help you

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