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I went to my local garden centre today with a list of some blight resistant bush cherry tomatoes - which of course they didn't have!! I really wanted to get 'Losetto' anyone used this? Is it any good?

Anyway I came back with 'Garden Pearl' which is a bush cherry tomato. I have just googled it and the reviews are terrible!!! People say it lacks flavour, is pink in colour, and the fruit easily turns mushy and rots.

Could anyone recommend some good bush variety cherry tomatoes that I could buy online maybe?



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    I tried Garden Pearl and wasn't impressed with them. Agree with Verdun Gardeners Delight are very good. image
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    Grown gardeners delight as a bush for several years alongside experimental types, the GD are always the sweetest. Some of the small yellows are nice and tangy, amix cooked in a pat of butter salt and pepper on toast with a sprinkle of cheese is food for the gods.


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    Gardeners Delight without a doubt.

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    I tried to grow losetto last year as part of the Gardeners World Tomato trial for blight resistance. It was the only seed that didn't germinate for me. Fandango germinated very well but I found the skins of the tomatoes a little tough.

    I really like Golden Sunrise and Chocolate Cherry for different colour and flavour, along with good old Gardeners Delight for reliable cropping. Precious is also a good one. Excellent flavour and large tomatoe.


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    I used to grow Gartenperl and they weren't too bad. They added a different colour to the combination of sungold and chocolate cherry, never turned mushy, but the taste wasn't quite lacked the intesity of  sungold. Losetto was a disaster but it may have suffered from the arctic blasts that sweep across our garden. I am on a quest for the perfect bush tomato and will be trying a different variety this year.

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    Thank you all very much for the responses, this is my 4th year growing tomatoes and I still have a lot to learn.

    From what I can see Gardeners Delight really does seem to be favourite.

    I did get blight last year in a trailing basket cherry tomato 'Tumbling Tom'. I also think I started them too early (early Feb). I grow initially indoors then plant out.

    I've decided to get a packet of Gardeners Delight and a packet of 'Lossetto' to give it a go. I will be growing both in large patio pots when they are ready to go outside.

    I'll certainly be taking notes and hope to find 'my trusted variety' at some point in time - Who knows perhaps this year will be the year!! image

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    nothing touches a home grown tomato for taste!image

  • I grow Losetto and they are super! Heavy crop, good flavoured, cherry bush tomatoes which resist blight - what's not to like? They are, however, F1 hybrids so you only get about 10 seeds to the pack, but worth it. Highly recommended.

    I got my seeds from Simply Seed online, but I think T&M do them too.

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