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New greenhouse tips please

My son and daughter want to buy me a greenhouse for my birthday. I've decided on a 6 x 4. I found this size of the plastic cover type portable was big enough for what I want but the wind eventually ripped it.

I'm thinking of a polycarbonate one with an aluminium frame. What are your thoughts on this please? Do they stand up to the wind?

Normal greenhouse or lean to? Does one have more room than the other? A lean to  I saw was the same length and breadth 6 x 4 so I'm thinking they'd be the same.

Sliding door - I like the idea of this but do they tend to stick and be difficult to open?

Clips to fasten the panels or slide in? Will the wind be more likely to blow out one or the other?

My daughter has already sent me an Amazon voucher towards it so I am stuck to buying one from there. Can anyone recommend a seller from there please?

Thanks for any help.



  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Leicestershire, UKPosts: 11,391

    Polycarbonate glazing panels often get blown out by strong winds so if you are in a particularly windy spot then maybe not ideal.  Safety glass would be my recommendation, especially if there are likely to be young children (or wobbly older persons) in the vicinity.  Expensive but worth it.  Glass is also heavier and helps hold a greenhouse in place if it hasn't been attached to the ground properly.  If you have a wall to attach a lean-to type to then you will benefit from the heat-retaining properties of the wall which will keep the greenhouse warmer at night.

    If you go for polycarbonate due to budget constraints (they are a lot cheaper) make sure the frame is attached firmly to the ground using ground anchors or screwed down to concrete or slabs by drilling into it using masonry bit and using rawlplugs and 50mm long screws.

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