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greenhouse almost done: slight problem with the concrete base


Our lean-to aluminum greenhouse (8 x 14) with 4mm toughened glass is almost done: 90% done, looks really nice. But we found out when placing the front glasses that we could not place the last 4 glasses (2 or 3mm were missing at the top, not enough space to enter the glass) because there was some slight mistakes, hard to detect, when we did the concrete base: the base was not 100% perfectly leveled.

So since the roof is done and almost everything, it is very stable, good work so far, we need to place under the aluminum frame, on parts of the base, some durable, all weather material when leveling the front properly, puting it slightly higher step by step. We could do this manually with 1 or 2 stong guys pushing the box gutter (built into the eave) slightly up, when one person is on the floor leveling.

What material do you suggest to place on the floor under the aluminum frame?.Teflon? (what type), hard wood, etc. And what would you put to finish this? Then, we can drill to place the seven rawl bolts, on the frame, drilling on the concrete floor. Each rawl bolt is about 4.5cm long. We would need a few longer ones I believe to place in the area where the frame on the floor will be slightly higher (when perfectly leveled).

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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