lots of tiny frogs

In our wild garden where i have my allotment there are lots of little froglets hopping about. If i water the ground they all appear there must be hundreds of them image it's hard not to stand on them. There is a small lodge at the top of our land i think they must have come from there. Has anyone else got lots of froglets?


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    I haven't seen froglets like that for years Aliesh, I used to worry about mowing the grass. Good excuse not to

  • yes,i have lots hoping about the garden.Have to be careful when chopping things.we also have newts and the butterflies are nearly all whites but on the mendips this week a lot of peacock butterflies on the wild buddlia,I have not seen so many for along time.image

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    nutcutlet wrote (see)

    I haven't seen froglets like that for years Aliesh, I used to worry about mowing the grass. Good excuse not to

    Yes it reminds me of when i was a child, when it was raining we used to collect tiny frogs from the edge of the road kerbs and put them in a bucket. Not brave enough to do it now! image


  • I work at Luxury Lodges Wales and the gardener there pointed out lots and I mean LOTS of tiny froglets. There must be hundreds but how many will survive. they were quite near to the pond so hopefully they will be ok

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    Most years the frogs just disappear into the undergrowth, but one year, after a heavy downpour, we had a plague of frogs, jumping all over the lawn and patio.

    Never had it since.

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    Yes, we get tiny froglets in our garden - they come from the spawning in the ponds next door.  The froglets like to lurk amongst the pots of perennials in the shade aganst the side of the house - they get regularly watered there, the plants and the froglets.  They also like to shelter under the Hartstongue ferns alongside our shady path.  We also let the grass grow long alongside the sleepers that support the Shady Bank and the frogs love being in the long grass in the shade.  We moved here two years ago next week, and on the second day of being here we found a frog hopping around on our lawn - I took a photo and there he is - my avatar image

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    Dove- as if....image

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