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Which clematis?

We have a south facing wall on the side of the house which is very ugly from where a conservatory has previously been knocked down and the doorways blocked up with breeze block. I intend to put a trellis on the wall and grow a climber up it. It's a concrete base underneath so whatever plant we choose will have to go in to a planter. I'm thinking a clematis will be pretty. We need something fairly fast growing to cover the wall but appreciate it will also need pruning then to protect the building. What will be happy in a planter and on a south facing wall? Much appreciated!!!


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    Clematis are very hungry, thirsty plants which need deep, cool root runs so a planter on a south facing wall is not going to be ideal.  I would suggest instead a pyracantha which is evergreen and can be trained to cover a trellis and will provide year round interest.  It will have blossom in spring and berries in autumn and green foliage all year and not require much pruning except to take out stems that insist on growing away from the wall.

    A repeat flowering climbing or rambling rose is another option but will need regular feeding and dead heading to keep looking good.

    Whatever you choose, buy or make the biggest planter you can afford and fit in the space and fill it with John Innes no 3 compost after putting crocks over the drainage holes to stop it getting blocked and water-logged.   Top dress with extra fertiliser every spring and water regularly especially in hot weather and strong, drying winds. 






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  • Liz Warner, what colour clematis would you like to grow, what flowering period and what height, scented or not ?

  • Maybe a white clematis? Height would be up to the bottom of the first floor Windows. And flowering period is flexible-as long as possible!
  • Thanks for the advice obelixx. I don't like pyracantha because of the sharpe thorns and children but a rose is a good idea. And as for the compost advice-this is why I come on to this site!!
  • Lots of good whites to choose from, Summer flowering best in my opinion. not huge flowers but masses of them.

    Viticellas such as Kathryn Chapman, Alba Luxurians, Little Nell, Hagelby White, my own Richards Picotee is white with purple edges, species chinensis  mandshurica, campaniflora, small flowered Kaiu, scented flammula. lots of others

    Make sure the pot is deep enough and plant the top of the pot with white trailing bacopa, keep this well watered and the clematis will be OK.

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