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A friend moved into her house 2 years ago, in order to look after her parents.  Sadly her father passed away in December and I'd like to help her with her garden, by gathering some ideas for her to have a lovely garden to relax in whilst she cares for ther mother. 

It is a very blank canvas, the left hand side is east, and the right hand side of the garden is west, so the sun is on the house most of the day.  Therefore the right hand side of the garden gets sun all morning and the left hand side gets sun all afternoon.

the garden is surrounded by confier hedges which she would like to keep for privacy.

This shows the right hand side of the garden from the kitchen.


2) This is the left hand side.



 Her mother would love some raised beds so she can reach them to garden whilst using her walker, and this wont go on the grass, so maybe a path of some sort round the garden.

My friend would like a wildlife pond too.




 Also how would the conifer hedges affect what you could plant ?

Any advice gratefully received, where to start ??? She thinks I know about gardening, eeiiikimageimageimage


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    Personally i'd install a path alongside the hedges to help with cleaning up cuttings (this is wha I'm planning in my garden).

    Id then create borders against this path, so the path is hidden. Its a nice large garden so the borders could be quite deep, curved borders would look really nice.

    Maybe have an oval shaped lawn, with deep curved borders around it. Im not a fan of having a mass of lawn with plants flung to the outside edge, but thats my personal choice.

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  • LeadFarmerLeadFarmer Posts: 1,464

    Im going to guess that its a south facing garden for the following reasons..

    There is still frost on the lawn which suggests the photo was taken in the morning. The shadows cast on the lawn are coming from the left, if the photo was taken in the morning then the sun will be rising in the East, so the left side of the garden must be east. 

    I rest my case mulord image



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