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Hi I have a bare fence that is over looked by the back of 4 houses and would like to grow some thing fast and pretty up the fence to try and hide the neighbours. this particular fence/ wall gets sun in the morning then as the sun rises to midday it is slightly shaded, there is a bit of a wind tunnel too as it is a run along a long victorian house. probably 20-30 meters. I am happy to plant different plants up and down, and am interested in pretty, gives coverage all year and as much as possible. I have a young child so not to thorny! so probably not roses and don't want russian vine. Jasmine? Wisteria? I had thought clematis but is this hardy will it die off in the winter? am I missing something, it would be in the ground and the bed has peonies infront, so something to grow up behind as these are really beautiful.



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    Hi Bubb,we have a wall and a garage that face North as the season goes through it gets a tiny bit of shadowy sun due to next doors huge tree, (that's OK it a nice one )so most of the time NO sun,we planted a this years cutting of honey suckle a few months ago its now 9 feet high 7 feet wide and full of flower on a fan shaped wire support,looks stunning, along the garage a Passion flower now 5 feet high and just started flowering,also a clematis now 4 feet high and just finished flowering all in the shade fed with Nettle Tea and TLC the flowers are not as rich a colour as those in sun and shade but still well worth having all free cuttings all looking good,next year they will take over the entire wall and garage and look great, I cant upload at the moment or i would put pics on to show you sorry good luck

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