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My new greenhouse

I did wirte a post regarding this item but it's gone not showing up anywhere so Here it is again


Well what a day I started my trip to kent to pick up this greenhouse


got there at around 12.00 left again at 1.00pm with greenhouse stripped down and so then I leave kent alny to arrive home 6 hrs later M25 3.45hrs ??? arrrrrr


Not bad only five pains of glass broken anyway, What I'm after is new seals for it but unsure if the type required are they all the same??


all I know is the house is twenty years old and a odd size 2.35mx1.80x2m high






  • XX Posts: 707

    Hi James, did you take note of what the seals were like when you dismantled it?  if you look on Ebay for 'greenhouse seals', all kinds come up.  It's worth knowing the make of the greenhouse as well.

  • My post say's one Message but I can't find it also I have never received I email response to any of my post ?


    WHY is this 


  • I can now read the reply some 55 min Later????


    The seals look oval and hollow the greenhouse as a extruded C shape channel

  • still haveing problems

  • Is that an 8ft x 6ft with high eve's? most glazing clip's look the same, I've seen small bags of greenhouse glazing clips in wilkinson's for about a £1 they look like mine. have you any photo's of yours?

    Did you take it down in an hour? Well done on only 4 windows lost. You may also want to invest in some clear silicone sealant.

  • i will update with photo's later.

    sorry but i was so so tired yesterday after my long trip to kent and back again with no stopping as the car had to be back home for 7.30 as my silly wife will not drive my car.



  • Again I am envious, looks like you are onto a winner-once you have your sealing probs sorted-sorry can't help with that, but good luck and I too never get an email after a respone, which i suppose is good in one way, but it is probably due to the amount of trffic this website now gets.

    take it easy image

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    James, is it really appropriate to talk of 'my silly wife' on a forum?  Maybe she mutters about her 'silly husband' under her breath!

    I opt not to get an email; why would I want one, I get enough emails already?

  • Morning all I would love some advice please 

    I have a dilemma I have started to dig my greenhouse base this weekend (can’t move now) back is killing me; I’m going to use some deep heat for that. Back to the predicament I’ve found myself in

    The site where the greenhouse is going is very uneven sum 6” slope in 1.5 meters as you can see by my image of the area I have available for the greenhouse.














    The advice I’m looking for is this, would you lay the greenhouse off the concreted base as shown by the wooden frame or would you lay bricks on top of the footings and start the greenhouse at the soil level to the left of the image.

    If  the first one is chosen I do intend to lay some slabs down and a reinforcement wall to the left as this is where the door is going as the right hand side has more sun light all day. I also plan to add slabs against the wall side. As for inside the greenhouse I plan to have soil beds with a stone and slab path in the centre, however if someone can give me a good argument why the inside should have a concrete base this is also a option  I am willing to do.

    On a plus side all the seals and “W & Z” clips have been bought

    Water pip is also in place, by the end of the week I should have the electricity to the door area with RCD breaker in the conservatory as this is where the power source if coming from.

    Eagerly  waiting for you advice James


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 48,046

    Hi James. I don't have a greenhouse but my question is - do you think you need to make it any higher and is it because you're worried about water/soil running down the slope towards it? Is that what the retaining wall would be for?

    I'd go for soil beds if it was me but that's just a personal preference and I suppose it depends what you intend growing etc. 

    Looking good so far! image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

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