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Help and Advice on Tired Looking Decking.

Hi All,    We have a large area of Decking  which is looking very Tired. Its not very good quality decking as there are too many knots in the wood.  Is it possible to cover the decking with paving slabs or do we have no choice but to take the whole area of decking up.   As you can tell by my question i am a newbie,  I would really appreciate your help and advice...Thanks.


  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Decking is great for rats as it provides a nice sheltered place for them to live.

    Get rid of it.  Burn it on your open fire/wood-burning stove or give it to a friend who has one.  Or build a compost heap out of it.

    Pave if you must.

  • Hi pennymax is it so bad or could you use a pressure gun to clean it.

    If you go with the grain the rubbish should skim off.if not maybe the bonfire

    option seems good.
  • Before you light a bonfire, check out a few websites ref what you may - and may NOT burn!  In all probability the decking has been treated with some preservative substances which render it dangerous if burned,   i.e.. toxic fumes etc.  Best to take the lot to the local tip/waste disposal place and let your local Council deal with it instead.

    I really don't like decking - never have - and our climate makes it deteriorate quickly and become slippery and unsafe as well.  By way of replacement, it might be worth thinking about how much of the space you need for seating and so on, because this would need paving or something similar.  The remainder could perhaps be covered with gravel with some "stepping stones" to enable access across it to other parts of the garden.  Drainage can be an issue with large paved areas, and having gravel reduces the problem somewhat.



  • Hi All,  i must apologise for the delay in my reply .   Thank you all for your help and advice which is really appreciated.   We have decided to take  all the decking up.  There will  be quite a few trips to the council waste disposal tips... x

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