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Can anyone identify this

andyguyandyguy Posts: 2


I am hoping that someone will be able to identify this plant. I noticed it growing in an old tarmac driveways that is now more like a gravel bed. I transplanted it into an old breezeblock and its really taken off. I am no gardening expert and have no idea if its a plant or a weed. It looks nice and is thriving so eitherway it gets to keep its new home. 

Any help would be appreciated.  Many thanks.






  • Stonecrop

  • Definitely stonecrop. It should have yellow flowers, maybe in spring?

  • Definitely stonecrop. It will have yellow flowers in spring.

  • Yes, stonecrop, but yellow flowers aren't a necessity. I like it too! Fleshy leaves are an indication of storing moisture, so it grows in dry, difficult conditions. 


  • PalustrisPalustris Posts: 4,114

    Sedum for sure, but it may have white or pale pink flowers rather than yellow ones.

  • andyguyandyguy Posts: 2

    Many thanks to all who took the time to post. I am an utter garden numpty and have been watering it each day during the hot weather, any advice on how often to water  would be happily received


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