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Talkback: Rose pruning



  • We are looking to replace several very old, poor performing rose bushes that we inherited when we moved here.
    I have been informed by a friend that it is not good practice to remove old rose bushes and replant new ones immediately due to the possibility of disease being spread to new bushes.
    I would value any information on this subject before we go out and spend our hard earned cash
    Many thanks
  • Hi,

    I have ancient inherited climbing rose. It is very out of control and is more than eight feet. The first five are made up of old, bare stems. The upper three feet are bushy, flowering stems. The plant is too big, top heavy and overgrown. The flowers are very pretty and scented. I would like to keep it, but how do I tackle it? I have cut out quite a bit of dead wood and overhanging stems but not sure where to go from here.

    Any ideas? Can send pic

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