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Ants nest in my Digitalis

Hi all,

My digitalis was doing splendidly but recently it has started looking rather sorry for itself.

On closer inspection it is teeming with ants who are all over stems and right down in the base of the leaves.

It looks like they may have a nest in there.

I have hosed them off but they return within a short while.

Is this a common problem? Can anything be done that wont wipe out the plant too?

Grateful for any advice.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,991

    if it is undermined by ants it will die. dig it up, shake them off and replant elsewhere. But the ants may just be looking for aphids. in which case wash off the aphids

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  • cdaniecdanie Posts: 12

    I had the same problem and sprayed it with a systemic bug spray.  Seems to have done the trick................

  • Systemic bug sprays are believed to be killing bees.  Please read this link before using them.

  • Thanks all. Sorry for delay in responding.

    I think they are undermined by the ants. 

    Can I dig them up, flood the ants out and then replant? I really like where they are positioned in the garden....

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