Help identifying "something green" in the garden

Hi Everyone,

I apologise is this "thing" .. has been identified before, but for love nor money, i CANT find out what it is!!!

i have had this patch of "greenery" growing in the garden since i moved in back in nov last year.. with NO sign of flowers or anything.. just long spidery blade like green leaves.. the patch hasnt spread.. so left it in there.

I decided to dig it out yesterday, to try and get rid of the hiddeous horror thats bind weed..

on digging it out, i noticed that the bottom half of the stem looked a LOT like a leek.. after digging it out root ball and all.. i found that where the stem joined the root bal;l underground.. there were long hairy roots (like a leek etc) but what has me stumped is the root ball itself... looks like numerous off shoot have grown from the bottom of the stem, and at the end of the tuberous roots.. there are what appear to be yet MORE bulbs growing.. with more of those fine "hairy" roots growing from each of those...

i have NEVER seen leeks etc like this.. so i have no idea exatcly WHAT this "thing" is lol!!!

so any help really in identifying it would be VERY much appreciated!!



  • please note if you DO clik on pic it will take you to my FB page where this is listed for help id'ing it as well.. just for some reason i cant upload it to here off my pc image

  • PeterE17PeterE17 Posts: 129

    Hi keella33, you FB page doesn't display for me ...

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,590

    Does the green thing smell of onion or garlic?  Squash some in your fingers and smell your fingers.  It sounds to me like Allium vineale or Crow garlic which is a pernicious weed, endemic in the midlands.  i cannot get the picture either.

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