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Capel Manor College - which campus?


I am applying for a place on one of the RHS Level 2 Certification courses at Capel Manor College and will be travelling from Stratford in East London which is pretty well connected to all four college campuses.

I just wondered if anyone has studied at Capel Manor before and as a 33 year old who is looking to change their career from architecture and marketing to Garden Design I am curious to know whether one of the 4 campuses would be better suited to my interests and learning?

I have chosen to study RHS Certificates as I already have design knowledge and CAD skills but I am really keen to learn as much as I can about horticulture so that I can gain confidence in working with plants in nature and space.

Currently my specific interests are in amenity horticulture, in particular working with wildlife, growing food and the healing capacity in nature/gardens.

If anyone can offer advise or thoughts on their own personal experiences of studying at Capel Manor I would be really interested to hear.



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Bright college days, Oh carefree days that fly

    To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high....

    To quote Tom Lehrer.

    By the deafening silence I would say that the folks here are either self taught horticulturalists, live in some far-flung part of the UK and don't know Stratford, East London, or are too old to know Capel Manor and its delights.

    Hearts full of youth, hearts full of truth

    Two parts gin to one part vermouth.

    Good luck with your studies, you lucky young person!

  • joslowjoslow Posts: 218

     I did my RHS certificate at Capel Manor in Enfield, it is a fab campus and the lecturer was brilliant.

  • Thanks Joslow! 

  • I'm starting at Gunnersbury in September. Cant tell you what it will be like though!

    All the best and enjoy image

  • Julia2Julia2 Posts: 1

    Enfield without a doubt. I did mine at Gunnersbury and am currently at Regent's Park - they are both very small, little facilities, small libraries, no canteens etc Not to sound negative, the teaching is good, the course is invaluable and will be wherever you go but Enflied is huge and beautiful.


  • I studied at Enfield a couple of years ago for an RHS level 2.

    the grounds are great to walk around and get inspiration or just have your lunch. I had a good tutor also.

    I live round the corner to the Enfield site, so still go back for a walk around every so often

  • I studied at the Castle Green Campus in Dagenham a few years ago(I think they only do floristry and balloons there now). I would recommend you go to Capel Manor itself as our tutor had to transport flowers, foliage, compost etc to our site which was a secondary school and we got no actual hands on work. I travelled to the Capel Manor campus for my Level 2 exam and enjoyed my afternoon after the exam wandering around the grounds, which are lovely.

    The people on my course all had different reasons for being there - career; enthusiastic amateur gardeners; setting up a business. The age range was 20s - 50s with a fairly even split of men and women.

    I passed the exam and thoroughly enjoyed the course; tutor was fab - now retired; learnt alot and still use the booklets of various aspects of horticulture on a regular basis.

    Good luck!

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