Primrose help

hi folks

What's the best way to continue and prolong the life of my primroses?

they've been abit weather beaten in the last few days. If to de-head what's the best way to do so?


  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    Just nip off the flower stems, if the sunshine comes they will flower again.  If you get seeds, sow them fresh in a tray and put somewhere safe and forget about it for a year or two, making sure it does not dry out but otherwise ignoring it.  You should get seedlings in time.  When flowering is finished, just let them be, maybe removing large dead leaves, letting them die back underground in their own time.  Mark the site or you might accidentally dig them up in summer while they are resting. 

    They are the prettiest and most gentle of our Spring flowers, so sadly to many left in the wild, but we can keep them going in gardens.  Don't mix them up with hybrid primroses, they get coarse and brighter colours - fine if you like them but not primroses.

    You can buy lovely strong plants from specialist surgeries. 

  • BerghillBerghill Posts: 2,805

    Feed with Tomato fertiliser. Nip off the individual spent flowers.

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