How do I use peat pots?

For the first time last summer I thought I'd try using peat pots to avoid root disturbance. Actually they are peat substitute-I never use peat for environmental reasons.

Anyway, I put damp soil and sunflower seeds in and within no time the pots had fallen apart from the moisture! A complete waste of money and effort! Is this normal or did I do it wrong?



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    I've tried them and given up - they're either too wet or too dry.  image

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    I used them last year and the plants in conventional pots did as well, if not better, and with little trauma to the roots when planting out.

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    They tend to go mouldy round the sides too.

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  • I think the timing may be crucial.  If you are only 3 or 4 weeks away from planting out, they should be ok.  Any earlier and you could have a problem.image

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    I too have bought these ,tried them last year thinking they would save me some time. Didn't work they fell to bits after getting too wet .

    Hope someone has used them with good results. And can say what the secret is ! !!!
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    The only suggestion I can come up with is to put the peat pot into a standard pot, although that does defeat the object somewhat.  There should be less root disturbance that way.

    However, normal pots have done the job for centuries so aren't peat post just providing a solution for a problem which doesn't really exist?

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    Hi all

    i use them for my green beans and runner beans and have always had a good plant rooted for planting.

    The main problem is that if you water too much they will get soft and perish however if watered carefully they will last 5/6 weeks.

    i also harden off my beans outside through the day as if left on the greenhouse it gets hot and if no air flow ventilation they will go black mouldy and can cause dampening off and you will loose plants.

    I have and will continue to use peat pots however I am selective in what seeds I plant in them

    ps. Don't pack them tighly in a tray as they are touching and this also speeds up the rotting of the pots

    Happy gardening

  • granmagranma Posts: 1,814

    Thank you I will try your method for ornamental grass seed..!
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