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Is it too late for this poor sad coprosmia??


Can anyone help me with this coprosmia, please.  I got it as a Sale Rail purchase which I liked for its glossy evergreen foliage but I have failed to 'rescue' it.  I've read that they do better wintered in a greenhouse or other sheltered place but even kept in the porch it is still losing leaves and looking very sad.  Other than repotting it is there anything I can do??  Thanx, EG


  • It looks like it's been in that pot for a good while I would certainly repot and if you could    

    Give it a little protection, even garden fleece put over the top mlght help.

  • Thank Chrisy & Verdun,  I am pleased to see you don't just tell me it's too late & hopeless. I'm not usually so negligent. I'll give it extra TLC this year.

  • BookertooBookertoo Posts: 1,306

    It's never too late until rot sets in - and even then ……   Have bought many a reject from the garden centre as being virtually dead, and had some wonderful plants for next to nothing as a result.  Yes indeed, you don't win them all, but it's a joy when you do!  Good luck with this one. 

  • B3B3 Posts: 26,541

    I've just rescued two plants from the GC sinbin and I'm not sure I even want them. How sad is that?? Now I have to find them a home in my garden


    In London. Keen but lazy.
  • Thanx Bookertoo & B3, I've always been a sucker for the Sale Rail too but until recently I was buying especially for another garden I had been doing for a 'friend'. Until she started getting 'funny' about it, then declared she was hating all the plants I put in, not just a few, everything, she felt like she was 'drowning', I think she may be plant-phobic, she dug it all over in the end and I had to dig up anything I thought worth saving, and I had to scavenge through the pile of plants she'd dug up in order to rescue some dahlia tubers, so I now have an extra load of plants in pots and a few already planted out and my garden is well and truly FULL!!  Has anyone else come across someone with 'botanophobia' ?? YES it does exist, really!! I'm still recovering.  That's when I joined the Forum, I'm comfort-gardening!  I can't go back there.  Thought it was time I shared.  

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