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Talkback: Manure

I find that all of the smelling manures should be not be allowed in towns as all the street should not need they cleaned washing that has been put out smelling because these manures.

Also they bring flies around the area and the smell last for day & weeks.

they are soils that are made by local councils that are made from garden cuttings and waste that do same for your plants and do not smell the street out.

So think of others and not just your self and buy soils that do not smell other out of they gardens in your towns.

They other places which have soils that are clean of big smells and are normaly better for your plants then just manures.

So think.


  • i think u should not be so snoby there is nuffin rong with a bit of manure its gr8 for the garden and dont smell for long if ur a true gardener then u wounldnt mind then smell!!
    so y dont u think!!
  • I think Alan should read his posts before posting them, it may be easier for others to unerstand, if he had checked the spelling and grammer first!
  • I think it was eminent physician George Cheyne (1671-1742) who said something along the lines that the Creator had deliberately made horse dung smell so sweet, because he knew that mankind would oft be in its presence.
  • I agree with Jim, but I also think that he should check his grammar and spelling before posting. That first comma should be a semi-colon or even a full stop – in which case, the second comma is redundant. 'Grammer' is mis-spelt and the exclamation mark surely superfluous. Comments on my own syntax,spelling and punctuation will be welcomed in the spirit in which they are (or, indeed, were) intended.
  • I agree that Matt should take a course in English Grammar to learn how to spell and how to put a sentence together so that anyone reading it can understand it
  • i fink mat is taking the urine out of your compost heep
  • Have you thought maybe he is dyslexic and we should get back to gardening.
    would burnt paper be classed as wood ash, I would like to add burnt paper that originally contained my name and address so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • thankyou i am
  • Oh deep joy! Pedant knows how to use a semi-colon. Very few people do.

    I'd love to know how on earth even a knowledgeable (and inspirational) gardener like JAS accumulated such in depth knowledge about manure in all it's various guises; clearly he is a pedant in that particular area.
  • Come on boys & girls i know i logged on to read about manure but not this kind.Can any one suggest a good manure for my clay plot in Lancs ?
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