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Fence Vandal

A couple of times recently our Flatcoated Retriever, Hugo, has got out of the yard and appeared confused on the wrong side of the gate.  Fortunately he is the exact opposite of a wanderer.  Christine, who is the seeing half of the marriage, had a look round the fence  and found three fence posts pushed over next to a public footpath.  This morning I found that the barbed wire had been cut and folded back.  Interesting.  Now on Sunday evening there were quad bikers congregated just there, now I am not making any accusations but it is a rough, hilly piece and...  Fortunately I have a heavy spike and a post banger-in-errer, they have a proper name but I cannot remember what it is, so I have put some posts in and we will see what we will see.


  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    Malcolm, some shopping centres have experimented with piped music as a deterrent.  Don't know if this would work for you but apparently uncool music drives young people away from an area. Des O'Connor springs to mind????

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 79,566

    If someone has damaged either public or private property then it should be reported to the non-emergency police number - in most areas it's 101 but some areas the number is different - this should help 

    Don't just tell the police about the damage, they need to be aware of the consequences, e.g. a valuable dog or vulnerable people being put at risk.

    If you report damage you should get an incident number so if there are subsequent  incidents the police will be able to build up a picture of what's going on. 

    Don't put up with it and do nothing, but try not to get steamed up about it either. 

    Let us know how things go on.  Hopefully it was a one off incident.

    Good luck. image

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  • a farmer near me put up signs saying -

    Trespassers will be shot - survivors will be prosecuted!! and then scattered some used shot gun shells under the sign. surprisingly the people tromping across his land didn't come back

  • Thank you all for your replies.  The yard, which is at the top of our garden across a public track is what remains of my 15 acre tenancy since I retired from keeping livestock and is surrounded by woodland.  Where they cut the fence was the paddock where the boars lived, now they would not have been impressed about having there sleep disturbed.

    The woodland and my bit belongs to the council so I have phoned them but they weren't terribly interested.  I shall try the Police.

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