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Morning all 

I would just like some advice at to how long you leave a re-potted flowering pot plant before you start to feed it liquid fertilizer like grow more ?? most of my flowers have been in there plant pots and location for around three week and doing well 

Just a rant I bought grow your own magazine yesterday as it advertisement on the front cover "BEST TOMATOES EVER our experts show you how to get great results". so after the shopping was put away I sat down with a coffee scanning the article I bought the magazine for.......and wait for it the first one was just really a interview with professional growers talking about "blite" and the new strain that has come from Spain.


So still hope full I had found the wrong article I re-scanned the magazine again and yet wrong article so I turned to the page and to my horror this article was just advertising the different types of Tomatoes you can grow nothing to do with technical information on getting great results. Like doubling-up up a grow bag, adding a small pot so you can water the plant more efficiently. I’m disappointed and will never pick the magazine again.

Sorry GW but my August edition has not hit my letter box yet.



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