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spring come to early

Well all the dafs up was one thing but now my tulips from last year are starting to flower at this rate spring will be a bit dull.


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,411

    It sorts itself out in the end graham. image


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  • Thanks for all your comments ill keep on going foward now and let nature do it's thing.

    I was in pound land today they have lots of early summer bulbs thought to myself worth a try as i have a lot of bulbs from last year so worst come to worst it wont be to bad or it could be great.


  • Yes the mild weather is confusing - blossom around already. So I come from the southern hemisphere where seasons and planting is quite different. In the years I have been in the UK spring has arrived when it was supposed to image

    What happens this year then - will everything just be early? If we have a very cold snap will the daffodils and tulips for eg. have a re start?image (thinking this is possibly a stupid question)

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