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  • MobowMobow Posts: 92

    Glad to hear Marygold's has wriggling tadpoles in the tank in her school. Mine are just sitting "chilling out" in a clump of wild iris in the middle of my pond. It has been cold here since the spawn was laid with ice on the pond on several mornings. I hope the weather will warm up sooner and I'll have a pond full of wriggling tadpoles too.

    I hope that Patricia 101 will get frogs turning up in her pond. Here they appeared the first spring after we had dug the pond but it was a bit later in the season March I think, so perhaps they were  latecomers looking for a home. They've come every year since.

  • LynLyn Posts: 21,323
    Hostafan1 wrote (see)

    Bring a bucket Lyn, there's tons down in the lake.

    thanks sweetie.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 

  • Will wait a while but I think I might have to follow Guernsey Donkey and find someone with spawn. We had lots of frogs in previous garden but obtained original from another pond. I put in a second water container but they just sat in it -only spawned in the original. It was frog heaven.



  • Only one batch of spawn - almost two weeks ago - nothing more - although I did see the neighborhood cat playing with "something" around the pond - so I have my doubts for any more spawn this year - just hope the cold weather doesn't kill off the spawn before it has had time to mature.

  • Think I need to make access points in fencing , new fencing not wildlife friendly at present. Will post  when I see a frog/toad.image

  • JoneskJonesk Posts: 205

    I didn't get any spawn until the very end of March last year (North West Wales). I have seen 5 large frogs/toads wriggling in the bottom of the pond on a few occasions so they are definitely there and just waiting for the right time. Hopefully another good year for them.

    Patricia - I had some new fencing put up on one side of the garden last year. The neighbours weren't happy to cut into the fence but were happy to dig some access tunnels underneath it. I put a few in along the length, not sure if they are used or not but made them large enough for a hedgehog.

  • MarygoldMarygold Posts: 331

    School frogspawn was gone on Tuesday. I assume the tadpoles were getting too big and overcrowded in the fish tank and have been returned to the school pond before there was a plague of frogs marching down the corridor !

  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    At last

    clumps in the pond so now just to keep an eye on it as the cats love hanging around

    happy gardening

  • I noticed a two or three snails in our pond - I thought that they had all died last year - so pleased to see them still alive - does anyone else have pond snails?

  • Jill63Jill63 Posts: 1

    I have seen lots of frogs in & around our garden pond but no frogspawn yet. This happened last year & we didn't  get any. can anyone suggest why there is no spawn? What can I do to encourage the frogs. We used to have several clumps of frogspawn in previous years. 

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