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Beginner with a greenhouse

Howdy all,

i have a new house with a large north east facing garden and recently purchased two plastic green houses and a shed load of perennial seeds to get things started. 

I have also purchased loads of seed trays with propogator lids but wanted to ask is now the right time to put the seeds in the trays then put them in the greenhouse. 

Most of the seeds say to sow in February so just wanted your opinion. 

Also is now the time to cut new clematis down to the first set of buds if in group one?

sorry for the questions I'm new to this but want a garden to be proud of. Going for the plant loads method then move around later on. 


  • PerkiPerki Posts: 2,494

    Hi Newbee welcome to forum.

    depends what seeds are you trying to grow Newbee?

  • punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 14,966

    Re: clematis. If group 1, don't prune now, but if they are getting out of hand, prune after flowering.

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,833

    If the greenhouses are unheated then you can't sow anything tender yet, like half hardy annuals. You can sow sweet peas, broad beans, onions, some peas. Not tomatoes yet. I sow mostly in March in the unheated greenhouse, or indoors or in heated propagators.

    If you prune group 1 clematis now, such as montanas, you will lose a lot of the flowers.

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  • Is the best month to prune clematis in March would you say?

    I am thinking March is the time to begin sowing and pruning.

    To answer the question regarding seeds, I bought pretty much every perennial one I could find as only get one shot and I'm quite impatient so didn't want to have to wait a year to try the next batch lol. I've started gardening to help with my patience levels lol
  • Yeah to help with my patience level I have been told to do gardening one of the toughest patience things out there. But the rewards are worth it hence the challenge

    thank you for the advice everyone, sounds like don't even think about sowing or pruning till at least beginning of March.

  • Hi Newbee3, don't prune your group 1 clematis until after it has flowered because it flowers on the old wood. They don't really need pruning much unless they are getting unmanageably big but if you do want to prune it then June is probably the best time.

    This link gives some advice on pruning a group 1 clematis: 


  • LynLyn Posts: 23,190

    Look on the back of the seed packets,it will say when to grow, pick a time about the middle of the months suggested, and the temperature they need to germinate,put a day/night thermometer in your plastic greenhouse and see if that temp is maintained over night.

    dont forget that if you grow seeds in seed trays you will only be able to grow anminimal amount of variety of seeds, or have you separated your seed trays into four sections. what will you do with them when they are pricked out into separate flower pots.   Have you got plenty of room. Lots to think about.

    I grow all almost all my seeds in rice pots, that way I can grow 200 different varieties and just have about  8/10 decent plants of each variety.

    good luck with your new venture.

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  • Thank you singing Gardner quite strange as would have thought you'd have to prune first then new growth would appear on new shoots. I have so much to learn

    thank you lyn, I have 10 flat seed trays so will kick start the seeds in there then transfer into 6cm pots once leaf develop then plant in soil if and when ready. 

    i also have £50 of vouchers I'm planning on spending on evergreen shrubs, not sure what to get but would like to get as many for the money.

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