potatoe in tubs

anyone give me advice on growing potatoes in plastic tubs ??



  • I read in a magazine to put them in a small amount of soil to begin with, then add more as they grow. not sure where I put it now.

    I am sure someone will be along soon with something more helpful image

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    I grew spuds in old potting compost bags last year in my polytunnel using the same method as rainbowfish suggests.

    I turned the bags inside out so the black inside was outside attracting the heat of the sun. I had a lovely crop.

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    Grown them in very large pots, and as suggested add soil as the haulm grows, just six inches over them to begin with, plant a few tubers in the same pot, had good clean crops.

  • Hi,

    I've been an allotment plot holder for 13 years and I grow spuds in tubs every year aswell as the ground. Mainly to experiment but both do well each year. Its quite simple, any tubs will do as long as they have abit of depth, the thing about spuds they grow anywhere.. I have spuds pop up in random places of my plot every year because of the small mini ones I miss on harvest and then they just regrow. I once placed some small spuds in a rubbish bag which I didn't want and they grew in rotten rubbish haha. Just don't over do it when planting the spuds.. I use a medium size black tub and just put 2 in.

    I fill the tub half way up, make 2 holes and shove the spuds in a cover with compost and leave in my greenhouse. Once they start growing above the soil just keep adding compost to cover them.. Simple really.. On hot days I stand mine outside because the greenhouse is too hot for them.

    Enjoy growing..
  • thanks to you all for your advices

  • how high does the leaf grow?


    i had the idea of behind my rockery area but dont want a big bushy background

    i could maybe choose another location which would stop the weeding if a large bag placed

  • and can i just plant any spuds i have in the kitchen etc?


    when is best to start them off?

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    Most varieties have haulm (the leafy bit on the top) up to two or three feet high and very bushy.  They need to be somewhere you can move the soil about as you ought to heap it up around them as they grow - this increases the crop and stops them going green and poisonous.

    The spuds you find sprouting at the back of the cupboard will do, although it's best if the shoots are not more than an inch or so long.  You can buy (from the garden centre/hardware shop/supermarket) at this time of year bags of 'seed potatoes'.  These are of named varieties with certain characteristics and you can choose the one you want.  Stand them upright in egg boxes or similar somewhere light and cool (but frost-free) and they'll develop short stout shoots from the 'eyes'.  Around the end of March plant them in rich soil (they love compost and manure) somewhere sunny.

    Freshly dug spuds are VERY yummy.

  • Ok another spot at back of garden in bags and add soil as they grow

    Ill try sprout some we have in kitchen

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