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Birds galore

I have been mesmerised so far this summer by the number of blue or great tits, blackbirds and sparrows in the garden. I've always had a fair few but this year they seem much tamer and hop and play around for hours on end.  Well actually they seem to have very regular feeding bursts then go away for an hour or so and come back full of life regularly all day long.  It's too hot to do much in the way of gardening so I find myself sitting with the conservatory doors wide open completely enraptured



taking photos and they are incredibly obliging when it comes to posing.


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,740

    Lovely photo image

    We get hours of pleasure watching 'our' birds, and listening to them singing.  They do seem to have a regular routine don't they?  As well as feeders I have birdbaths both at home and outside my office window at work (just a big plastic pot saucer) and the birds are visiting it all day - an absolute delight image

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 26,985

    nice photo Lavande

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • XX Posts: 707

    Same here Lavande, have had a jay visiting and a woodpecker which is a first.  Love watching them, get fed up with pigeons, magpies and jackdaws though.

  • LavandeLavande Posts: 171

    Thank youtimage, although I hadn't realised how messy all the dried leaves looked in the photo or I would have cropped it. (that's how hot and dry it is here).  I bought two plant pot saucers today - the intention was to put them in the hanging baskets - but it wasn't very successful they wobbled about too much and all the water spilled out.  I have a metal bird bath on a pedestal but because it was cheap it has just rusted so the birds never go near it.  It is now just an attractive ornament because it now looks like an old antique but it's not fit for its real purpose. As for magpies, I agree, I'm fed up with them too - the sound they make is horrible, so harsh - I used to have them but they haven't been around for a while - hopefully they have found a better place to be.  I wouldn't mind a woodpecker thoughimage.  Meanwhile, it's still toooo hot to do anything much so I'm just enjoying the birds' antics.  It is as said an absolute delight....

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