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Can anyone give some advise about how far apart to plant Green Ripple Ivy plants. I want to plant some Ivy to grow up my 6ft fence to give some privacy from my neighbours and also add a touch of color all year round but I don't know how many plants I need or how far apart to plant them. The man at the garden center said to plant about 3 to 4 feet apart but I don't want them to start getting out of control when they mature. The fence doesn't get much sun at all so that is why I decided to go with Ivy as it is a hardy plant. If anyone has any info or alternatives it would be greatly appreciated.


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    That sounds a bit close together for ivy - it will spread ............. and spread ................ and spread ............ and will need trimming every year, as well as cutting back regularly once it's filled it's space.  What sort of fence is it that you want to cover?  Ivy's not necessarily good for fences and there are some lovely clematis that will do very happily in shade.

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    good morning James, and Dove. I agree, this will be very big in a few year's time, 6 meters, rather than 6 foot, possibly more. You'll be forever cutting it back. the climbing hydrangea is another possiblity. it does get quite big eventually but is easier to control

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    Some ivies are more vigorous than others so perhaps Green Rippleis more contained than some of them? If you want a bit more colour 'Goldheart' and 'Sulphur Heart' have brighter foliage as their names suggest. Sulphur Heart foliage has lime/apple green centres rather than yellow and has bigger leaves. Good if it's very shady.

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  • James 6James 6 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the advise. The fence is new so should take the extra weight but I just wanted to add a bit of colour as well as combining extra privacy from next door. What I don't want to happen is losing control of the Ivy or it encroaching on my neighbours property. I will definitely look into the alternatives as well. 

    I also bought a " Gloire de Marengo" Ivy as well as Green Ripple. Does anyone know anything about this variatey. I am a complete novice when it comes to gardening.

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    I think Dove meant that ivy wasn't very good on fences because its little suckers don't stick very well to wood. You might have a bit of trouble making it stay in place, at least in the early months. True, Dove?

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    Think Gloire de Marengo is slightly less vigorous James, but will still get bigger than the fence anyway so you'll still need to trim it.

    Think you're right wb. I've always used a bit of wire or mesh on fences to get ivy going on them initially. Once they're going they seem fine.

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