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suggestions for sloping section

Hi all - our new garden has steps up to a lawned area. Alongside the steps is an area of terracing which I have already "made my own" with my containers, and also some planting in the top bed (the one with the ladies mantle and cat statue in it), small perennials but will grow and some are trailing so will come down over the log roll. But I find the grassy slope above it quite boring (this is my view from the kitchen window/back door) and it's hard to mow too. At the top of the slope is an apple tree (on the left) and a pear tree (on the right - in the middle of the lawn but its branches reach to the top of the slope) . Alongside on the right is a cotoneaster.



Ideas/suggestions for what to do with the slope area to make it more interesting? It faces East and this photo is taken from the back door, but as it's higher up it's not too much in the shadow of the house in the mornings. Also the left (South) aspect is reasonably open (currently overgrown shrubs but will be cut back to approx 6 ft high, and only the neighbour's (lower) garden beyond, so will get sun across it sideways on too. So partial shade, and very sheltered (prevailing SW wind).

Ideas gratefully received!



  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    As you seem to be looking "up the skirts" of anything growing there, could you go in for plants that are best seen from below? David Austin roses do this and are often difficult to appreciate but in this case would be shown off quite well.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,235

    Hellebores along the edge so you can see the flowers without bending down.

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