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Compost composition review

Any reviews on this season's composts would be helpful. I am hoping to top dress from my compost bins but I have not bought any seed compost yet. Any recommendations? What worked well for your seedlings? After all the rain my sandy soil is in need of all my bin's compost (plus chicken pellets and potash) but buying bagged compost is a lottery some years. PS Heads up..... The soggy bags sitting in GCs and nurseries may also need vented and careful opening if they have soaked up water.


  • Thanks, will have a look to see where nearest Wyevale is or what the delivery charges are.

    I need a fair bit of general purpose compost this year too. Trying to decide between making a raised trug for salad crops or just plonking grow bags on my gravel and found myself asking why patio planters are at least ??3.99, and some ??8.99, when an IKEA shopping bag is 40p??

    I can live with bright blue if it saves me that much money!
  • Thanks for the 'recipe' philippa smith2. Saves on disappointments if someone has done the tried and tested. : )
  • Wow, that's only a pound for 14 litres!

    I did a sums yesterday and found

    Aldi's was 75p for 10l

    wilko's was 1.50 for 10l

    B&Q verve was 1.80 for 10l

    Home base was 4.49 for 10l

    Wickes do a big bag too but my sums aren't fair because some were in 20l bags but the Homebase was only in a 10l bag. I was just looking at what I could heave into my car. Delivery might be an option at that price.
  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    IKEA bags are pourus, they let all the water out...I've tried themimage They are very good for collecting weeds to take to the tip though image

    B&Q often give good savings on bags which are split and if you see one split which hasn't been reduced the guy on the section will often reduce it while you wait.

  • Zoomer44Zoomer44 Posts: 3,267

    Compost seems to vary from year to year, no matter what the cost. I've tried 'cheap and cheerful' but 'buy cheap pay twice' has happened and more expensive compost has had nails and plastic in.

    I vowed a few years ago to make as much home made compost as possible because of the poor quality of mpc. I still buy compost for seed sowing and seedlings but mix the latter with home made stuff and will take back anything which is smelly or not black and crumbly.

    I'm happy to be wrong but me thinks alot of these company's purchase or are given recycled compost/green waste from Local Authorities and because those depositing their green waste have slipped in non recyleable stuff it ends up in mpc.

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