Garden animal droppings

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I keep finding 1-2cm brown droppings on my patio and grass, what is making these? I have a photo but don't know how to post it here? Thanks


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    Looks like lots of seeds in there but difficult to tell from a photo.  Hedgehogs are carnivores so I would expect bits of beetle etc., so I think it's probably from large rodent such as a squirrel.

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    Definitely not fox, too small and not smelly. It looks like the right size for hedgehog but all the pics on the web are black and this is alway this brown colour? I am hoping it is too sort for rat as it is not pellet shaped?
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    Soft I meant to write
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    I would say a hedgehog that has been picking up seeds. I know they are supposed to eat slugs and worms, but our hedgehogs will eat any sunflower hearts on the floor, before progressing to the dog food.

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    If you've been leaving food for it J2202, that's a b****y small tip he's left  image  image

    Looks hedgehoggy to me - but the colour and small size made me think otherwise...

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    Colour is a bit light, but size and shape is right.  Hedgehogs should be hibernating though, it has been so mild here, that we saw them out and about in December. ( a very big fat hedgehog)

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    Have a look here

    you can post a photo on there if you still can't identify it. 

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