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Acer Help please



 My Acer seems to do this every year, with the leaves turning brown and dying off, thought it might be wind burn so have moved it to a more sheltered spot (it's in a pot) but still happens. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks


  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    Acer leaves are very fragile and prone to burning by sun, wind or frost. Is your newly moved pot in a place where the sun might burn the leaves after you have watered the plant?

  • I have the same problem, although the brown shrivelling seems to be affecting only certain branches.  The same thing happened last year and I replanted it in a larger pot, thinking the pot may have been too small, but despite this, it is happening again this year.  So my theory about the pot being too small for the size of the plant appears to have been wrong.  Still don't have any other answers though....

  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Are you sure you are not overwatering it? I notice you have slate or something on top of the soil so not easy to tell how wet compost is. They do like a free draining soil and hate to be too wet.

  • Holly010Holly010 Posts: 36

    Try keeping it out of direct sun and sheltered from any wind.  They don't mind shade.  You've probably lost the leaves for this year but hopefully it'll rally next.  Good luck.

  • Jayne5Jayne5 Posts: 23

    Sorry for not responding sooner!  I can be a bit lax with watering probably because living in Cheshire we never have too many days without rain, i guess it could be too much sun, i have had the same problem in previous years hence why i keep moving it round the garden to different spots tho wherever i put it it has been in some sun.  Guess i'll wait to find a new spot next year.  Thanks for your comments much appreciated!

  • Hi Jayne as you have it potted did you use Ericaceous compost. multi-purpose is not really great for them. 

  • Jayne5Jayne5 Posts: 23

    AAhh, no i used ordinary compost, perhaps thats where i'm going wrong then. Thanks for that.

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