Will chicken wire keep moles out of raised beds?

I am engaged in a long-running, frustrating and (so far) unsuccessful war with one or more moles in my gardenimage. I have had no success with the traps that I deploy but will persevere. Until a few days ago, the location of molehills and collapsed tunnels has been bearable. Then, a molehill appeared in one of the raised beds of my vegetable garden. Unbidden, the phrase 'That's the FINAL straw!' came to my lipsimage.

Would chicken wire (or something similar) laid 12" under the final soil surface stop the little blighters? I would probably run it up the lower inside face of the frame and staple it to the timber. What size mesh would be required?

Or, alternatively, should I just get a life?image


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    Moles don't have very good teeth, they only have strong front claws. If you were to line the inside of your raised beds, bottom and sides, with chicken wire there isn't a mole on earth that could get into your raised beds. Unless they have mole cutters!image

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    That should of course have been mole grips - rather spoiled the punchline.

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    Thanks, waterbutts. Don't worry, my inability to remember a punchline has become a standing joke in my family.

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    sorry don't know the answer to getting rid of these little critters, but would love to know how to stop them digging up the soakaways from our septic tank, it gets very expensive having to have them dug up, re-lined and re filled only to find all the gravel back on top where they've dug it up!  My husband says he hopes they get septiceamia (sorry about the spelling) image

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    Hi Jayne5. I have been using tunnel traps sporadically for some time, with no success. I have been doing some research over the last few days and came across the following website


    which looks very interesting. The site has a lot of information about the creatures themselves, the types of equipment available, common myths and a mole catching guide. The mole trap that they sell is aimed specifically at the non-expert homeowner and does look easy to use. I may try one and will report back here with my findings.

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    Sounds interesting, will have a look at site, look forward to hearing how you get on, good luck!

  • why must the fencing be so deep?

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    KEEPITLIVE.   You will get a life when you've sorted the dam moles out.  They are top of my garden pests having lived with them for years.   I don't think you can do much about the lawn bit but that's a brill idea to put mesh in your raised bed.  Had the Same happen to me, he came up right between my lettuce while i was watering them.   Gggrrr.   The only thing I would say is to buy the mesh/Chicken wire as fine as you can as moles can get through the tiniest of holes. Welders mesh might be a good one to look at.  I think the depth is fine.  Good luck. 

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    Adam Pike wrote (see)

    why must the fencing be so deep?

    Because moles tunnel underground image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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    I reached the last straw moment when my mole destroyed about 75% of my strawberry plants, just as the fruit was ripening. I paid a professional to do the job and, frankly, it was quite expensive and worth every penny. One of the biggest differences it made was that I now have worms in my garden and my compost heap. You can get so used to the things that you don't realise how much harm is being done.

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