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Hi my girls and i are coming to michigan this weekend, and the area we are visting is Ann Arbor, and i was told the snow has pretty much melted, do you know where i can go to take my girls sledding, an area where they can play in the snow. they've never seen snow.


  • I'm afraid that I am a bit short of current info on the Michigan snow situation. The weather forecast tends to stop in Wales. However, there is a site here that might help.
  • Luckily I'm off work today because although the gardeners world weather forecast says dry for us today it as been snowing continuosly all day, it is now a few inches and the sky's still full.I'm hopeing for a miricle to have happened by morning otherwise work will be interesting tomorow.I keep thinking about the daffs and snow drops that are up now and nowhere to be seen. Roll on summer.
  • Great news this bad weather, as we have such warm winters in the past ten years or more and we need the cold to kill bugs of our bodies and plants.

    We have not had it as bad as 91 as we had two weeks of ice on the grown and snow to foot here in south essex.

    we have had snow fall last night but it was wet snow and melted quick today.

    I feel sorry for my insectivorous plants as this year they will be less for them trap and eat, with all the bad weather.

    I have taken a few photo's of my insectivorous plants in snow and put them on my site

    I see the bulbs are coming up again weeks before they should from the past and hope this does damage them.
  • Surrey was beautifully covered in snow and I must addmit that I was longing for it to go away, where as my brother who lives in Lowerstoft was longing for snow and had none then last night it began to fall so he was whooping with joy only to find this morning it had all melted away.
  • We live at one of the highest points in the Chilterns and even though we have had almost a good foot of snow up here - just down the hill the roads we clear and life seems to have carried on regardless. We meantime couldn't get out by any vehicle other than sledge! Which we did. Great fun going down hill but not so great pushing it back up with supplies of food (and drink!)
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