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Help identifying a shrub and a small tree please

MoiraB2MoiraB2 Posts: 13

Hello there,

Just moved to a new house and tackling the overgrown gardens as a novice gardener.  

In the front garden I have two plants I can't identify.

The first is a shrub (pics 1 & 2) around 4 feet high.

The second appears to be a small tree - established but only 5 - 6 feet high (pics 3 & 4).

Would really appreciate help with identifying them.

Many thanks in advance!













  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    Number one looks like a philadelphus, white flowers, highlyscented

    Number 2 is a cotoneaster. If it's like a small tree it's likely to be Cotoneaster rigida or 'Cornubia'. or C. lacteus. Lovely red berries and the bees like the flowers

  • MoiraB2MoiraB2 Posts: 13

    Thanks so much - that's very helpful image



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