Joyfuly Moments

Well last night was a first for me in two ways


First let me explain my wife has a cross stitch and bitch club with Five close friends, where they come over and sit about and bitch and generally just enjoy each other’s company which is really good for my wife as she works long hours, I would say 80+ (she is a GP a Trainer also works for the out of Hours) most weeks Tuesday is her only evening of in the week. Anyway last night was the first time we couldn’t feed them but to our surprise they came and was happy just to sit and bitch also put the world to rights. Many of our friends offered to lend us the money so we could feed them. But we said No as we would still have to pay it back (we get paid today) so it was not a long term issue, it was that we had a lot of bills this month two cars to Tax, Two MOT’S and a service and Light replacement and a water bill. Last month it was a big gas and electricity bill over £800.00.


Well that’s the first reason I was surprised the second was another joyful moment one of the members has a young daughter (Just turned 4 at the weekend) so I tent them a Video Camera which they can have. As I think it’s important to record and just generally capture as much of your child’s growing up as possible. So last week at my wife’s S&B Club I said I would do some gardening with their daughter if they wanted the reply was yes please. Well last night we (me and their little girl) sowed some seeds together and after she gave me a little hug and said thank you. So now I have a little helper.


The start was quite funny we where washing the pot’s (recycled plastic tray’s) when I said to the little girl shall we sow some lettuces, NO!!  was the reply but I Like strawberries  this made me laugh sorry but I haven’t got any strawberries again the little girl say with a thoughtful look on her face O’well maybe next time then.


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