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Problems with a dragon tree

Hi there. I recently bought two madagascar dragon trees. I put one near a slightly draughty window and quite a few  of the leaves started to brown and drop off so I decided to move it into my lounge which is warmer. However you can see from the picture that things don't seem to be improving. Any ideas of what i am doing wrong. Thanks Clifford





  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 58,833

    Hi image

    I suspect that it may be having too much water and not enough light.

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  • o ok thanks. Its only really relying on artificial light i.e. 100watt bulb for about 6 hours a day. The pot has good drainage though in the the form of holesas I like to keep the soil nice and moist as its from tropics and i like to give it a similar environment.

    Regards Clifford


  • I'd agree with Dove...........unfortunately, keeping it too wet and sticking a light bulb near it won't create a tropical atmosphereimage

  • o ok ... lol image



  • Mine is very abused. It has gone through many droughts when I have forgotton to water for months. Sometimes on purpose to reduce those annoying fungus gnats. It has survived in a living room with only a distant north facing window for light for a couple of years.Its now rather pampered on a very sunny windowsill with regular waterings. 

    They are tough plants. There is still plenty of hope. I would let it dry out a bit. I would give up with the lightbulb. Plants need different bulbs to what we use in lamps. They have the wrong wavelengths for photosynthesis so unless its an actual grow lamp it is a bit of a waste of electricity.

    Most people tend to kill houseplants with too much love. Overwatering can be worse than underwatering. (been there, done that, my first spiderplantimage)

  • Sorry, I can't comment on this. The dog decided over a weekend to systematically strip the leaves before biting all three stems off to soil level...

  • Singing GardenerSinging Gardener EssexPosts: 884

    I have two which have survived years of neglect in conditions which are far from ideal. One is usually kept in the conservatory and gets too much heat and light and the other is in a dark window. Both go outside during the summer though.

    This year I couldn't find them house room for the winter so they are in my frost free greenhouse. They are looking very sad though so I don't think it is warm enough for them. I'm afraid I won't be very sad it they don't survive.

  • Lol many thanks for your help. Yes ordinary bulbs are a waste of time. I need to have proper grow bulbs. Anyway I've moved them to a sunnier spot and will let them dry out. Lol rainbow fish I had three spider plants which I totally killed off by too much watering. Its hard to get the watering right as I thought if the pot has holes in it and the water drains away them how can you overwater them as any excess water drains away.

    Anyway thanks for all your comments and adviceimage

  • Cst......if your plant pots sit in a saucer, the water won't drain away fully.  You might get better results if you raise the pots on a layer of gravel.  Still need to watch the watering but it may helpimage

  • Steve.....your dog obviously thought he/she was helping by pruning your plant.image

    If the roots are still ok, it will soon sprout ( plant rather than dog of course ).

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