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  • Make the container as light as possible without losing strength.

    You need only three clips for larger tools on the outside.

    Make it waterproof

    Weight test the wheels on grass - a loaded box leaving ruts or such like behind will be quickly discarded

    Add value by making it able to be sat on or stood on.

    If I have to use a wheelbarrow how will I move both its at the same time (persuade me to use your box rather than just putting stuff in the wheelbarrow.

    Don't make it big enough for everything - just big enough to carry a sensible percentage of our tools / kit

    Good luck and ignore the ne'er sayers. Only by doing something will you find what's right.

  • I'm not sure if I'm one of the naysayers, but I would have said that only by thinking through something first will you avoid doing something that's a waste of time, effort and materials.

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 28,544

    My spade and forks hang on the garage wall and I have a board fitted with hooks and screws to store my collection of Wolf tool heads and their handles in different lengths plus trowels, hand forks and secateurs.   Everything is thus visible and to hand.

    When gardening, I use a plastic trug with 2 divisions to carry the smaller tools so I can keep muddy in one side and clean in t'other.  Spade and forks go in the wheelbarrow as needed.

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  • I feel a bit sorry for some of these people who have clearly been set rather half-baked assignments by staff at colleges or in one case it seems a GCSE exam board. Lazy work one feels by some of those administrators and the poor students trying to do the research, that should have been done before, are fielding all the flak. I think everyone has been quite polite and good-tempered in their responses, but their negative nature must be discouraging.

  • I think you could be looking for something like this, rollout:

    Of course, I would never think of paying 15 squids for one....a simple bit of DIY bodging for me.


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,149

    If you stick with the idea of a large box, small wardrobe, on wheels you will have to make sure that the wheels are pneumatic and large, like a decent wheelbarrow. Is the box just for transporting tools or are you thinking of using it for permanent storeage as well? If the latter is the case then it might work better if you were able to split the box into two parts so that the small tools were in a compartment that could be detached and easily carried. Most gardeners don't take out the full arsenal of tools in one go because they generally have one task in mind so the lawn rake won't be needed with the spade for instance (apologies to those who use both together).

    Good luck with your project and remember, you can't please everyone.

  • hi everybody thank you for responses a lot has been learned from them. 

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