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Bottle brush wilted advice needed

Paul B 78Paul B 78 Posts: 1

I have just bought a bottle brush which seems to have wilted from the fortnights heat wave., all it's buds for this year seem to have dried up, but the majority of leaves seem healthy there're is three red flowers and around three shots which look to be growing fine.

i would like to know if I should prune the dead dried leaves and buds back to start a freshave am not really well up on gardening but I'm leaning so any help appreciated.


  • addictaddict Posts: 659

    Hi Paul image A picture would be good. You don't say wether you have planted it in the ground or in a pot. How often have you watered it? They do like a lot of heat and sunshine so either you have watered too much or not enough but would hate to guess would rather see pic. Yes to pruning off dead bits tho.

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