Has anyone got any ideas on beatinthat oes pesky WHITE FLY.


  • Has anyone got any good ideas on beating those pesky WHITE FLY

  • A few points to consider, whitefly reproduce incredibly quickly in a greenhouse and that means resistance to chemicals is prolific with whitefly.

    The ideal way to get around this is to use two distinct chemical groups, ideally for the casual gardener a neonicitinoid (systemic) and a pyrethroid.

    Spraying them alternately at two week basis starting with the nicitinoid would give you good control.

    I would recommend Py as the Pyrethroid and something containing thiacloprid (there are lots of products) for the systemic. The idea is to knock out one that becomes resistant to the other.

    Other methods to consider are biological controls, however they preclude the use of most chemicals, need to be sourced carefully and they are never 100% effective. Their big upside is they can potentially survive indefinitely (given a heated greenhouse and some care) and even whitefly can’t become resistant to being eaten!

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    well i had white fly all over my lemon tree and the only thing to do was to wash the leaves with soapy water and wash  surrounds and mist and leave more space around the tree ,will it work ?I hope so.image

  • It will reduce the infestation but I cant see it making a great impact, what your effectively doing is covering the sphericals (breathing holes) on the insect's body, useful but you need good coverage and they breed at a terrifying rate.

    Py would deal with the whitefly far better if they aren’t resistant but the systemic chemical is only recommended on certain edibles

  • Smokin, whilst I agree with you chemicals aren’t the only way to deal with them, I have never had good success with companion planting and the OP I believe has a problem he wants solved quickly rather than in 2 months or so.

    Whilst you shouldn’t go pouring litres of chemicals everywhere you go, they do have their place when used responsibly and I did also recommend biological agents (one I forgot to mention is Bacillus thuringiensis a soil dwelling bacteria)

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    No use for this year, but the best advice is not to buy plants in.  Grow as much as you can from seed as bought-in plants are usually infested with the things.

    In the meantime you can reduce their impact by using the vacuum cleaner to suck them up.  But try not to electrocute yourself!

  •  @ Smokin Donkey

    As you said pre planning and good winter sowing will help I sow phacelia for that very reason it attracts lacewings, avoiding mono-crops and encouraging native wildlife will cut down drasticly on pests (otherwise we would be moving through a cloud of whitefly so thick it would be like polystyrene) however, that is not going to help the poster with his current problem unless he sees fit to keep them hanging around whilst he waits for his plants to grow.


    Of course you always should grow what you can yourself, its so much more satisfying that way. However if you check plants you buy in then you should get no problem from a good nursery or plant shop.

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