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Drooping leaves on trachelospermum jasminoides


Bought one of these about a year ago and everything up to recently was fine. It's in a wooden planter with drainange holes, about 40cm cubed and has grown up to about 1Mtr high. It's climbing up a trellis on my shed and is facing West.
It's been flowering now for quite a while but I noticed about 2wks ago that the leaves, still green, were beginning to droop somewhat. Oddly enough, for me at any rate, the drooping seemed to start at the top of the plant. Now virtually all the leaves are drooping and I'm not too sure why. The soil is wet but not waterlogged so I'm not too sure what can be causing it. Anyone got any ideas please?


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Posts: 11,126

    just a couple of thoughts - if it was being overfed, this can cause leaf droop. A strong fertilizer can literally suck the juice out of a plant causing droop and dehydration.
    If that's a possibility, then  pour several cans full of plain water into the container to flood it out.

    Are there any bugs on it?
    I lost one a few years ago to scale insects, but in that case the leaves got sooty then dropped off. The replacement is doing very well.

    Possibly heat stress in the recent weather.

    Sorry can't be more specific
    Good luck!

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  • Tkx Pete8. No fertiliser has been used and it doesn't seem to have insects on it. It's really weird as this is the second one that we appear to be losing. The previous one was lost about 2mths ago before it really got hot and I did wonder, tho' I can't think why, that it had something to do with a bird seed house that was placed directly above. I know it doesn't sound logical but the first plant died and since I moved the bird house close to the second plant that's started to droop........  Most odd......

    Perhaps I'll take a cutting and take it to the nursery I bought the plant from to see if they have any thoughts. If so, I'll let you know.

  • So, been to the nursery I bought the plant from. Oh dear.
    The first person I spoke to, the one in charge of plants told me that the plant was probably too wet but we'd better speak to the Head Honcho. HH then told me that the plant was probably too dry......image

    The only thing they agreed on was that it was probably dying............
    Well thanks for that guys, really helpful..............image

  • We have 3 along a trellis, planted about 2 years ago.Last year had a few flowers on them, this year 2 appear to have new growth at the base though leaves nearer the top don't look too hot. The third one is looking a bit dead - brown leaves, no new shoots or buds. Not been overwatered or overfed.

    Should I cut back all the stems with brown leaves on, down to new growth. Is the third one likely to perk up? Any ideas?

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