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The garden with the tree's covered in snow look fantastic my cotinus has large blobs of snow attached to the twigs which look like flowers and my willow tree the top is covered in snow which gives it a great hairstyle effect. Here in Northampton we have had so much snow it does look wonderful whilst it is untouch. Just need now to beable to get into the greenhouse to check on my seedlings which is impossible at the moment.and still more is forecast for tomorrow.


  • Well only certain birds are ground feeders. So the print is most likely either the robin, blackbird or a dunnock one of which I have regularly in the garden and call him Dexter.
  • I am baffled as to why i have condensation in a polycarbonate greenhouse, consequently all my geraniums have now withered with grey furry mould, can anyone advise what to do
  • Went to my allotment this afternoon and saw some big bird footprints. Almost certainly of a local crow, however all the corvids will scavenge on the ground. That includes rooks, magpies, jackdaws jays, not to mention choughs and ravens.
  • Thanks for the ideas on my mystery bird! I think it's most likely to be a blackbird as the footprints are about the right size - and I do have a friendly (but shy)blackbird who hovers about when I'm working on the plot.
  • Tazzywazzy, your plants will still be 'breathing' even though it's cold, this is condensing out on your polycarbonate. You need to ventilate your GH when it's warmest (lunchtime, maybe?) and pick off the mouldy bits so it doesn't spread. If you leave the lid/doors open, cover the plants with newspaper or fleece if it's colder again or they give up. They should start to recover in a week or so.
  • I bought a Hazel Kent Cob shrub/tree from the garden centre on Sunday and as the weather was very cold I left it in my porch, but by wednesday it started to sprout tiny buds so I put it in the back garden and covered it with bubble wrap so the hard frost didn't kill it - and now the buds seem to be getting bigger!Should I plant it out? Or leave it in the pot. It is two years old.
  • Itook some nice pictures in the snow at the end of my garden, the railway runs along the end of the garden, really good for taking pictures as nobody has disturbed the white stuff.
  • Thanks for that advice, Jane. I put it in about ten days ago and it seems to be perfactly happy. The buds are bursting out all over. I also bought one of those hazels with the 'twisty' branches and that is budding too.
  • My lawn is quite badly affected with what I think is snowmould is there a treatment that can cure this condition
  • I should get that little cob nut in the ground now the weather has warmed up a bit - it's a fantastic time to plant trees and shrubs. Add a good dollop of garden compost to the planting hole and a liberal sprinkle of bone meal too - that should get it off to a good start.
    I've got a lovely lot of flowering cherries coming next week and I can't wait to get them in!
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